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Raiteri Giovanni is an Authorized Distributor of Swarovski Genuine Gemstones and Created Stones




Leader in Precision


SWAROVSKI has a proven reputation for innovation, cutting precision,

unrivaled quality and service has been at the forefront of the international market since 1895.

Today, SWAROVSKI applies 120 years of technical expertise and creative vitality

to a vast and colourful world of inspiring products - from jewelry, watches, and eyewear, to consumer electronics.

Founded in 1965, the SWAROVSKI GEMSTONES BUSINESS leads the field worldwide,

employing only the finest raw materials and the strictest manufacturing standards to conceive

genuine gemstones and created stones. SWAROVSKI cuts and polishes exclusively on their own company premises,

guaranteeing outstanding results in shape, colour, and brilliance, and meeting the topmost social and environmental standards.

Their dedication and craftsmanship are reflected in each and every one of our unique stones, providing creative diversity and individual

product solutions for a host of international brands, designers, and manufacturers.


Strict calibration methods ensure that each stone is identical: size tolerances are kept to a minimum;

heights, diameters, and girdles are uniform. The advantages are clear: premium quality, highest efficiency, less breakage and ease of mounting.


Skilled technicians pay special attention to the exact symmetry of cutting and aligning the facets precisely to create superlative,

intensely brilliant stones. The girdle consistency is optimized in both thickness and polishing, whilst the crown consistency is maximed in terms

of height and pavilion depth. The results are naturally radiant and richly colored genuine gemstones and created stones,

with an absolute minimum of stone breakage.




The commitment to the service


Supported by an international distribution network, SWAROVSKI brings the jewelry's world an ineguabile efficiency in service.

With a total of 130 specialists and 15 offices located in America, Europe, Asia, and Middle East, for SWAROVSKI GEMSTONES

the excellence in service is as important as their excellence in manufacturing the key is to satisfy the customer.





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